Mountaineering In Antarctica by Damien Gildea

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Mountaineering in Antarctica -

Damien Gildea Damien Gildea has led seven successful expeditions to the high mountains of Antarctica since 2001.

In 1998 he published the Antarctic Mountaineering Chronology, followed by topographical maps of Livingston Island (2004) and Vinson Massif (2006).

For more than a decade his writing and photography has appeared in publications around the world.

Damien Gildea has also guided an expedition to the South Pole by ski and made various journeys to the Himalaya, Karakoram and Andes. When not on expeditions, he lives in Australia.

Antarctica is home to one of the greatest collections of unclimbed mountains on earth, but Antarctica is not unexplored.
The mountains of Antarctica have a rich human history that spans a century and features some of the greatest names in the annals of exploration and mountaineering - Shackleton, Tilman, Hillary, Bonatti, Messner and many stars of modern alpinism have all been drawn South.

The climbing in this other world traverses the vast empty ranges of the Transantarctic Mountains, past the soaring rock spires of Queen Maud Land, across the roof of the continent in the Sentinel Range, winding along the complex beauty of the Antarctic Peninsula and on up to the storm swept island of South Georgia.

This comprehensive overview of mountaineering in Antarctica encompasses journeys from the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration, through the expansion of international scientific activity in the latter half of the Twentieth Century, up to the modern adventure tourism of the new millennium.

This is a tribute to the mountains themselves and to the experiences of those who travelled amongst them - their triumphs, travails and tragedies. For the first time, the peaks and ranges of the planet’s wildest continent are revealed in one place for all to see.

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High Sentinel Range Panorama (Ellsworth Mountains)